Welcome to Body Mind & Sol!

If you have ever wanted to try yoga but felt that you were not in good enough shape, were too old, couldn’t touch your toes or whatever the story you told yourself, visit us at Body Mind & Sol.  In yoga, your mat is your space.  Our instructors teach you how to make your practice your own.  Yoga is not a competition.  It is a journey.  We promise you will feel comfortable and free from judgment in our studio.  Come see for yourself.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Sunday, July 29th 6:00pm

    “Yoga Nidra is the science of relaxation which enables each of us to dive deep down into the realms of the subconscious mind, thereby releasing and relaxing mental tensions, and establishing harmony in all facets of our being”. -Swami Satyananda Saraswati (more…)

    Yoga Nidra

  • July 13th.  7:00-9:00pm

    “Japa mala” or “mala” is a Sanskrit word (माला) meaning “garland,” and is a string of prayer beads used in meditation.
    This hands-on, “make your own mala” workshop will explore the body’s energy along the chakra system and the history & tradition of mala beads in meditation and prayer. (more…)

    Mala-Making Workshop

  • Sunday, July 29th 4:00pm

    Sweet cravings can sabotage your efforts to lose weight or feel your best. There are ways you can gain control without deprivation and without suffering the Sugar Blues! (more…)

    5 Day Sugar-Free Challenge