Welcome to Body Mind & Sol!

If you have ever wanted to try yoga or dance but felt that you were not in good enough shape, were too old, were not flexible enough or whatever the story you told yourself, visit us at Body Mind & Sol.  In yoga, your mat is your space.  Our instructors teach you how to make your practice your own.  Yoga is not a competition.  It is a journey.  We promise you will feel comfortable and free from judgment in our studio.  Come see for yourself.

Upcoming Workshops

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July 8th  /  11:00am-1:00pm

Body Mind & Sol is delighted to welcome Patricia Everett from California.  Patricia is a Sound Healing Ceremonialist, Reiki Master, CMT, and teacher of Peruvian cosmology with over 20 years in the healing arts field.  She uses sound to lead you in a mystical, healing, sacred journey. (more…)

Sound Healing with Patrica Everett

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June 24, 2:00pm-5:00pm

We all lead stressful lives.  Many of us have struggled with depression and anxiety – from the occasional blues to clinically diagnosed depression, from ruminating thoughts to panic attacks. (more…)

Yoga for Depression and Anxiety