Welcome to Body Mind & Sol!

If you have ever wanted to try yoga or dance but felt that you were not in good enough shape, were too old, were not flexible enough or whatever the story you told yourself, visit us at Body Mind & Sol.  In yoga, your mat is your space.  Our instructors teach you how to make your practice your own.  Yoga is not a competition.  It is a journey.  We promise you will feel comfortable and free from judgment in our studio.  Come see for yourself.

Upcoming Workshops

  • February 23, 24, 25
    Snug Hollow Farm Bed & Breakfast
    Hosted by Judy Flavell, RTY
    and Susan Buckmaster, RYT

    The flow of life naturally slows down in Winter. It is a time of inner stillness, rest, and reflection.

    By February, we start to look forward to Spring. It’s been cold for a while. The days are short. But have you taken the time to embrace winter? To turn inward? Or have you continued the fury of summer activity all through the holidays? As we are a part of Nature, our bodies and minds flow with the seasons. We must take the time to respect that flow and to attune to the rhythm of the season.

    Judy and I welcome you to embrace the season with this 3-day getaway in the beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky, nestled in a friendly holler, far away from the noise of the world.


    Mid-Winter Yoga Retreat



    NOVEMBER 4, 2:00-4:00PM

    Are you looking to gain more tools for navigating depression and anxiety?    This workshop is designed to offer an experiential approach to managing the symptoms of these concerns.  Expect to come away with:

    • Resources for both top-down (cognitive/mind) and bottom-up (yoga/body-focused) approaches.
    • Skills that you can take with you into daily life off the yoga mat – such as breathing practices, particular poses, and cognitive strategies.
    • Tips for navigating Seasonal Depression


    Yoga for Depression and Anxiety