The little cutting from Sarah’s plant

bdudcryslkm-neslihan-gunaydinThis is my very first blog post.  I always thought it would be fun to write a blog.  But then I wondered why anyone would want to read it!  Well, I hope to use this blog to bring you relevant information that may be helpful to you in your yoga practice.  But this first blog is really meant to tell you how this whole thing came to be.

I chose the photo above because it seemed appropriate.  Body Mind & Sol is a cutting from a plant previous grown by Sarah Downs, knows as Broadway Bodywork.  I took a cutting from it and I’ve replanted it in the hopes that it will continue to grow.

When I moved to Berea almost 3 years ago, the first thing I looked for was a yoga studio.  Honestly, my mental picture of Berea was that there would be a yoga studio and a coffee shop on every corner.  I didn’t think that finding a yoga studio would be all that difficult.  That wasn’t necessarily an accurate picture.  But I did find a yoga studio.  A brightly painted yellow studio with big windows and lots of sun.  It was a comforting studio.  Over the course of 3 years, I came in and out of the studio, never really establishing a regular practice.  This was mostly due to the jobs that I held.  When I first moved to Berea I was working in Lexington and managing a 5 state area.  I spent most of my first year in a car with little time for a yoga practice.  Then I changed jobs.  And although it was a less stressful job, it was a new job and with it came a learning curve – that, once again, prevented me from re-establishing my yoga practice.

A little over a year into my new job, my life started to settle down and I was SO ready to start doing yoga again.  Then I got the email.  You know the one.  From Sarah.  It said she was closing the studio.  NOOOOOOOOO.  I thought “This can’t be happening!”.   I emailed Sarah.

Not quite ready to commit to anything, I said, “Maybe I can help”.  She told me she was done.   She loved teaching and simply wanted to be a yoga teacher.  But the business was all consuming.  It was then that I told her that maybe I would be interested in buying the business.

Now, remember, I have a full time job.  And one, I might add, that I absolutely love.  But I could not stand to see Berea lose the yoga studio.  So, my husband and talked about it and decided to buy the business.  I had always wanted to own a small business.  I’ve talked and thought about it for years.  I have practiced yoga for over 15 years.  I love yoga.  So, it would seem that this was somehow meant to be.

I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason.  This worked out for Sarah, for me and Clark, the teachers, Berea, and of course the students.  I hope that the little cutting that I took from Sarah’s plant can take root and continue to grow and flourish in it’s new space on Jackson Street.

3 thoughts on “The little cutting from Sarah’s plant

  1. Sarah Downs

    I can’t wait to see the big, new, exciting fruitful studio this becomes!! So grateful to be teaching here and to have you at the helm, Susan. I was broken hearted to leave the studio behind. This is a great gift you are giving to Berea and to me!


  2. Sarah Liz

    I’ll be heading to Berea for the first time in February for a conference, will definitely be trying to come to a class while I’m there! Sounds like such a lovely space run by such lovely people 🙂

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