Private Yoga Lessons


Private Yoga Lessons


Private instruction can be a good place to start if you are interested in yoga or simply want more one-on-one instruction.  It offers you a space to begin right where you are and enables you to progress at your own speed.

Your private session will begin with your instructor getting to know a little about you and why you want yoga in your life now as well as any physical limitations or injuries that we need to know about to keep you safe.

From there, we will build a practice that will suit your needs.

Yoga can be intimidating.  For some strange reason, people think they need to come to yoga, knowing how to do yoga.  We don’t think that with any other activity?   Does anyone think the first time they pick up a golf club – they know how to play golf?  People also often say – “I can’t do yoga.  I’m not flexible.”  This one always amuses me.  Isn’t that why you need to do yoga?  Private lessons can lessen the intimidation you might feel entering a class for the first time with people who have been doing yoga for years.

If you are interested in private yoga lessons, please call 859-567-9642.