Thai Massage-Renee Mikel

by Renee

 You’ll receive the benefits of a yoga class, a tension-relieving massage, and rejuvenating energy work in a session of Thai Yoga Bodywork.  A Thai Bodywork Treatment can also be a deep meditative practice that allows the practitioner and receiver to tap into something bigger than themselves, that allows the practitioner to work intuitively to invite the layers of your subtle body to untangle and align, while the outer physical layers and Sen lines (akin to meridians in acupuncture) are appropriately manipulated to encourage and support this energetic alignment, where true healing begins.   By freeing the vital flow of energy using assisted stretches, rhythmic compressions, and specific pressure points, the nervous system will be stimulated to induce muscle relaxation and an improved emotional state. Thai Bodywork can improve posture, digestion, circulation and breathing. Often a sense of profound peace, or a state of bliss is experienced during and after a treatment.

    The bodywork is  done on a thick mat on the floor, with the receiver dressed in comfortable, loose or yoga-like clothes. Typically a session lasts 1-1/2  hours, but can be shorter or longer if needed. Rates start at $80.00 for 1-1/2 hours, and vary for longer or shorter.

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