Better Sleep with Yoga and Herbs

Friday October 25 12:30-1:30

Sleep can sometimes be elusive. If you can’t get to sleep or can’t sleep through the night- and this is a chronic problem – it will have negative effects on your health and your daily functioning.  

There are many medicinal herbs that can be used to promote a healthy, restful sleep.  In this one hour lunchtime workshop, you will learn about the different types of herbs used to support sleep and how to incorporate them into your daily life. The workshop will include samples of several herbs and a 1 oz bottle of herbal tincture to take home.  We will also run through a simple 20 minute yoga practice that you can do nightly before going to bed.  The practice includes poses designed to relax your mind and your body and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.  

Instructors:  Susan Buckmaster and Lauren Kallmeyer
Lauren Kallmeyer is an herbalist in Berea, Kentucky, where she recently relocated to set up a medicinal herb sanctuary and her clinical herbalism business, Resilient Roots. She has a M.S. in Therapeutic Herbalism from Maryland University of Integrative Health, is a member of the American Herbalists Guild and United Plant Savers, and an organizer of  The Kentucky Herbalism Alliance.

Investment:  $25
minimum 5 people needed to hold the class