Mala-Making Workshop

July 13th.  7:00-9:00pm

“Japa mala” or “mala” is a Sanskrit word (माला) meaning “garland,” and is a string of prayer beads used in meditation.
This hands-on, “make your own mala” workshop will explore the body’s energy along the chakra system and the history & tradition of mala beads in meditation and prayer. You will choose the beads that speak to you, craft your own aromatherapy mala, and infuse it with the essential oil of your choice!

Cost is $40and all materials are included in registration.
These workshops tend to sell out fast, pre-register to reserve your spot!

Rebecca Aghamiri is a yoga teacher, mala-maker, doctoral intern in clinical psychology, and owner/creator of Bodhi Malas. She loves helping people to connect with themselves and create intentional lives through meditation, intention-setting, and art by traveling around central KY to teach the art of mala making in the community. Rebecca sees the mala as an intentional act of creation that can bring us closer to ourselves and serve as healing tools for meditation, creativity, and intentionality.
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